Generate your Own Power

It is foreseen that a significant percentage of power (optimists say as much as 40%!) will be generated in the home by 2050, using energy generators, principally comprising of wind turbines, solar heating panels and photovoltaic cells (solar electricity generators). If you have running water hydroelectric energy can be the most efficient over time.

For anyone planning on self sufficiency it is the ultimate end game, making your home or premises completely independent of the need for outside help with regard to basic operating needs. With the right mix of home generators appropriate to the climate where you are situated you may well even find yourself able to sell electricity back to the national grid, making you a beacon signalling the benefits of stepping out of the rat race and going back to basics.

Many people go self sufficient so that they may better put into practice a way of life that is opposed to mass consumption. Generating your own energy is a great way of seeing this through to its ultimate conclusion, and in conjunction with fuelling vehicles on low carbon alternatives to petrol and diesel and with producing your own food, drinks and other necessities it can lead you as close as possible towards a carbon neutral existence.

Carbon Free Generating Options

Although some carbon may have to be produced in the process of installing and maintaining wind, solar or hydroelectric generators (and, to be sure, any good company will keep emissions to a minimum anyhow), once you have your generator up and running you will have an inexhaustible supply of electricity.

By either placing wind generators in the right place (providing you are in a good position to make use of the wind – coastal locations are especially favourable) or by combining wind and solar generators you should be able to generate all of your power for the year for a cost that will be retrievable within 5 to ten years. For those less ambitious, at least a proportion of your power can be gained in this way.

The Energy Saving Trust will advise you on all of your energy saving needs and run schemes to help you get started. Interest free loans are offered to assist with the cost of installing all types of sustainable energy generators providing that you or someone living on your premises permanently are in receipt of certain state benefits. They can be contacted on 0800 512 012. Most local authorities also offer schemes to help with the financing of home generators.

The Carbon Trust will provide financial assistance to businesses wishing to invest in sustainable energy systems – so if you do run a business from your self sufficient premises you may gain more from contacting them on: 0800 085 2005. Your energy supplier will also help you to install sustainable energy units at home under legal obligations as part of their commitments to help cut carbon emissions

An advisor from the Carbon Trust or the Energy Saving Trust will be able to take you through the best options with regard to installing sustainable energy options.