GoSelfSufficient was formed to offer a unique reference point on becoming self sufficient.

There’s never been a better time to go self-sufficient, and we want this site, GoSelfSufficient to be the one site you keep returning to, again and again, to answer all your questions.

Our writers are experts in their fields – and their allotments – and they’ll do their best to provide answers, advice, suggestions and new ideas.

From the very first moment when you start to consider if you could go self sufficient, we have the information you will need to help you decide: what it involves, the cost, the problems and the benefits.

Once you’ve made up your minds our writers are here with advice on growing your own fruit, vegetables, herbs and salads. They write about foraging for mushrooms, nuts, berries, and even fish and meat. They’re here with suggestions on how to live without a fridge or a car, and how to use rain water and reuse household water.

Whether you want to know about growing your own cotton or generating your own power, how to make candles or keep goats, GoSelfSufficient has the answer. And if we don’t, please write and Ask the Experts.

We are always on the lookout for topics we haven’t covered yet and regularly review the site. So if there’s a specific query you have or there’s something you’d like information about, just ask!