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Car Share Schemes

September 12, 2011|0 Comments

You probably already car share. At its most basic level car sharing is defined as being when two or more people travel together in a car for all or part of a journey. But, of course, taking the car to [...]

Building Your Own Cob House

January 9, 2011|2 Comments

More than one third of people in the world today live in homes made of earth and we’re not just talking about third world countries. Records show that cob houses were being built in England as long ago as the [...]

What Are Alternative Fuels?

January 8, 2011|0 Comments

For most households fuel is one of the major expenses. Whether it’s for heating, lighting, cooking or transportation we all use fuel of some sort or another in our daily life. The increasing cost of the usual fuels, such as [...]

Doing Car Boot Sales

August 1, 2010|1 Comment

Reduce, reuse and recycle. For those seeking to be more self-sufficient and trying to live by this mantra, car boot sales can provide genuine bargains. From almost new household goods to baby clothes, rare vinyl records to garden plants, the [...]

Natural Homemade Beauty Treatments

August 1, 2010|0 Comments

It’s remarkably easy to do-it-yourself when it comes to natural home-made beauty treatments: our great-grannies knew a thing or two about looking after their skin and they didn’t have a fortune to waste on expensively-marketed products. One of the major [...]

Keeping a Pig

July 22, 2010|5 Comments

So you’re thinking about keeping pigs. You’re not alone; after poultry, pigs are the most popular livestock for smallholders. And no wonder: they’re great for clearing and fertilising the ground, plus they produce delicious meat. There’s very little of a [...]

Selling from Your Allotment

April 3, 2010|3 Comments

“Can I sell vegetables I’ve grown on my allotment?” The answer is yes. Or possibly no. Perhaps the best answer is “it depends.” Whether you are allowed to sell fruit, vegetables or flowers you’ve grown on your allotment depends on [...]

Getting an Allotment

March 30, 2010|2 Comments

Potatoes and carrots on your plate an hour after they’ve come out of the soil. A plentiful supply of herbs as you need them. Plump juicy raspberries straight from the cane into your mouth. Sounds good? Today more and more [...]

History of Allotments

March 27, 2010|2 Comments

To understand the history of allotments we have to go a long way back in history. In 1086, according to the Domesday Book, the basic economy of England was agrarian with 90% of the people living in the country and [...]