Grow Your Own Apples and Pears

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Apples and pears are some of the most widely cultivated fruits in the UK. The trees are grown on a variety of rootstocks, enabling them to be trained as espaliers in small courtyards and standards in large gardens. Both apple and pear trees flower in early-late spring. Pears are ready [...]

Grow Your Own Stone Fruits

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Stone fruits are easy to grow. Once the trees are established, they’ll produce fruit for many years to come. They’ll need little care and attention apart from a yearly pruning and mulching, and watering in dry conditions. Growing Peaches Peach trees are widely grown throughout the Mediterranean and require a [...]

Grow Your Own Blackcurrants & Redcurrants

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Currants come in three colours: red, white and black (white currants are actually a sport, or interesting mutation of redcurrants). The growing requirements of all currant bushes are fairly similar, although blackcurrants tolerate heavier soils than other currants. Redcurrants have beautiful red, tart berries. The whitecurrant has translucent berries with [...]

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