Cutting Down Our Electric Bill: A Case Study

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Although not trying to live a self-sufficient lifestyle, when Mike took voluntary redundancy, he decided that, as they’d be living on less money, he should look at where the money was going and try and work out if costs could be reduced. Energy, especially electricity, took a large proportion of [...]

Generate your Own Power

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It is foreseen that a significant percentage of power (optimists say as much as 40%!) will be generated in the home by 2050, using energy generators, principally comprising of wind turbines, solar heating panels and photovoltaic cells (solar electricity generators). If you have running water hydroelectric energy can be the [...]

Make Your Own Biodegradable Plant Pots

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Biodegradable pots are a good alternative to peat pots and plastic pots. Biodegradable pots naturally rot down in the soil when the plants are transplanted. Peat pots also rot down in the soil, however peat is an unsustainable resource and you should avoid buying it in order to protect Ireland’s [...]

Homemade Cleaning Products

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These days, few people clean their homes without using a multitude of different chemical concoctions, bought from the supermarket. These chemical cleaners are not only expensive, but they are unnecessary, especially for the cash-strapped self-sufficient family. Natural products make excellent cleaning solutions, at a fraction of the price. What’s more, [...]

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